About Us

Passion for Coffee ~ Compassion for People

80 years ago, in a little town in Japan, a young man named Tadeo Ueshima opened a small coffee shop. He had no choice. You see, Tadao felt a close bond with the people in his small community and he had a passion for coffee.

His goal was simple. Put a smile on every customers face, with every cup of coffee, everyday. In fact, UCC's tag line still reads "good coffee smile."

The young Mr.Ueshima began experimenting with brewing techniques. He observed the effect of temperature and time. He tried different roasts from light to dark to everything in between. He even tested the effect that brewing pressure had on the final flavor.

They say that luck is the product of hard work. Tadao proved it. His unassuming coffee shop soon earned the reputation of serving "the best-ever tasting coffee." The word spread. People from neighboring towns came to visit. Tadao's shop had become a real destination point.

By 1940, with demand growing for "more shops," Tadao needed help. He formed limited partnerships to raise money for expansion. But his direction was clear: open more shops if, and only if, the quality of coffee and service remained the same. It did. In 1950, Tadao's humble "little coffee shop" became the Ueshima Coffee Company (UCC)

But Tadao Ueshima's talent for innovation was just beginning to blossom. In 1969, decades before anyone even thought of putting water in a bottle, Tadao put his coffee in a can. Today, UCC is still known for being the inventors of canned coffee. Sure, it would take another 15 years for the rest of the world to catch on.

In the 1980's, UCC's pioneering spirit was stronger than ever. They began purchasing land in Hawaii, Indonesia and Jamaica to use as farms. They started growing coffee beans at various altitudes under a variety of soil conditions to see how it would affect the coffee flavor. Under UCC's stewardship, coffee making had suddenly become both art and science.

In 20xx, UCC discovered, and patented, their "Triple Temperature" brewing technology. It removes 99% of all bitterness. You don't have to be a coffee connoisseur to taste the difference. Their new Black Coffee is a perfect example

Today, UCC has the ability to control the entire coffee making process. From planting and harvesting, through roasting, brewing, and flavor-sealing . UCC calls this their "Seed-to-Cup" philosophy. And Tadao Ueshima's endless pursuit of coffee perfection remains the life blood of UCC.

The "Big Question" that keeps ringing through the corridors of UCC every day is as simple today as It was in 1933: "How can we make coffee even better."

It is no wonder that you can find UCC coffee in 12 countries around the world. And now, the United States. It's what happens when you have a passion for coffee and compassion for people.