Social Responsibility

Rainforest Alliance Certificate

Rainforests do more than regulate our climate. They provide a habitat for animals and plants. In fact, 25% of all our modern medicines originate from rainforest plants. And we've only learned to use 1% of them. We must all act together to protect these priceless resources. UCC is proud to have received the official Rainforest Alliance Certification.

The 12th Green Purchasing Award

In 1998, the Green Purchasing Network created awards those companies, and countries, who demonstrate outstanding efforts in helping to protect our environment. "Green Purchasing" involves every material a company uses in the creation of its products. Sure, it includes the packaging and containers you find on store shelves, but goes well beyond. Green Purchasing takes into account most consumers never even see: shipping materials, equipment and machinery, office buildings, factories or delivery trucks. The Green Purchasing Network looks at the entire scope and rewards companies for their total effort.